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Raising Resiliency: A Conversation on Diet Culture, Body Image, and Fostering Healthy Relationships

with author and registered dietitian Amelia Sherry

TW / Eating Disorders, Disordered Eating

How do we nurture healthy relationships with food when our families often see the opposite in the media, at school, or on their phones? Host Kellie Cope sits down with Registered Dietitian Amelia Sherry to explore the transformative insights within her book, "Diet Proof Your Daughter" and empower parents to foster positive relationships with food and body image in their children, setting the stage for a lifetime of health and self-acceptance.

Learn about the Intentional Feeding Mindset and powerful concepts like Health at Every Size and Intuitive Eating - approaches that can completely transform our understanding of nutrition and help parents guide their children towards a balanced relationship with food. Amelia is also an expert at addressing common concerns that parents have about their daughters' interest in dieting or potential signs of disordered eating. She shares practical strategies to create a supportive environment that encourages healthy choices without promoting harmful diet culture.

This episode is all about equipping parents with the knowledge and tools to navigate the intricate landscape of childhood nutrition and body image. Join us in this enriching dialogue and take a significant step toward nourishing your child's well-being, inside and out.

For more information about eating disorders and disordered eating, visit NEDA.

If you are in a crisis and need help immediately, call 988 or continue to contact Crisis Text Line by texting “NEDA” to 741741 for 24/7 support via text message to individuals who are struggling with mental health, including eating disorders, and are experiencing crisis situations.


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