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Nourishing Our Needs provides personalized health education based on behavior change theories.

  • Nutrition education rooted in science, practical experience, and client preferences to help meet each individual's nutritional needs for optimal health.

  • Physical activity recommendations customized to help meet the goals and activity preferences of each individual while keeping them safe, challenged, and exciting.

  • Self-care/lifestyle routine suggestions that provide a solid foundation for a healthy and peaceful mind.  We partner and refer out to many different practitioners and field experts to ensure the highest care.

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Did You Know?

Our Philosophy

While restrictive eating and quick fixes currently dominate our country’s obsession with diet culture, Nourishing our Needs is rooted in evidence-based practice and behavioral change theory that is designed to set you up for a lifetime of sustainable & healthier behaviors. Our customized health education program will empower you to make consistent and informed choices that will propel you towards a simple and balanced lifestyle.


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