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3 - Month OR 6 - Month Memberships Available

Confused by the conflicting nutrition information? 
Do you need help figuring out what your nutrition needs even are? 
Having a hard time figuring out how to nourish your needs while also honoring your taste buds?! 
We can help!
With our Balanced Behaviors Membership, we can help you navigate through the nutrition info, identify what your nutrition needs are, provide meal plans that meet your (and family's) needs and preferences, AND much more!

This Membership Includes:
•    Weekly newsletter with nutrition education lessons*
•    Weekly support 
•    Personalized nutrition profile
•    Weekly meal plans to meet individual &/or family needs
•    Access to over 6,000 inspiring recipes*
•    Weekly grocery list linked to online shopping options*

*In collaboration with EatLove.

Lifestyle OR Performance Track

While restrictive eating and quick fixes currently dominate our country’s obsession with diet culture, the Nourishing Our Needs program is based on sound science, evidence-based principles, and simplified constructs in both behavioral science and behavioral change theory.  

Our customized health education program focuses on empowering individuals to master the myriad phases of health behavior change through two different tracks.

Our Lifestyle track is designed to teach individuals how to fuel their body through satisfying nourishment, intentional movement, and mandatory self-care. Nourishing Our Needs motivates you to reclaim your confidence through consistent and mindful daily practices.

Our Performance track is tailored to help individuals meet and exceed their athletic and performance goals by educating them on how to properly fuel their bodies in order to effectively repair, recover, strengthen, compete, and more! 

This program offers everything included in the Balanced Behaviors Membership (see details above) plus the additional services listed below.

This Membership includes:

  • New Client Intake Meeting - Questionnaire and Goal Development

  • One-hour Kickoff Call - Goal Review, Health History, and Expectation Discussion

  • Personalized Nutrition & Physical Activity Outline (based on health behavior change theories)

  • Daily Time Slots for Q & A

  • Recipes and Tips

  • Three 20-minute Health Education Follow-Up/Q & A Sessions

  • Nutrient Quick Guide

  • Portion Size Guide

3 - Month OR 6 - Month Memberships Available

Want to learn how to celebrate non-scale wins?

Need some fredom from emotional eating and killer cravings?

Feel like you need a better relationship with your body and food?

We've got you!

With our Sustainable Skills Membership, we ca help you cultivate a healthy relationship with your body and food. In this program, you learn skills to help you stop dieting, stop restricting, and nourish your body towards food freedom. This program is grounded in nutrition and behavior science to slowly and gently change your lifestyle into something sustainable that nourishes your needs.

This Membership Includes:
•   Comprehensive Online Assessment

•   Individualized Plan and Strategies 
•   Easy Nutrition Tracker
•   Weekly Support
•   Resources and Guides
•   Support for Emotional and Binge Eating

Worksite wellness consultations will provide your employees with the information and tools they need to put themselves and their families on a healthful track that will be sustainable for a lifetime. No prescribed diets or detoxes.  Just science-driven information that can be applied to assist in health behavior change.


This package includes three 20-minute consultations that will help identify your employee's wellness needs which will be supported through tools such as culturally appropriate grocery lists, meal planning, and prep tips, individual-specific nutrition education, and more!

We are available for general wellness and nutrition presentations and workshops for athletic teams, schools, worksites, and organizations.  These talks will be customized to meet the topics, goals, and needs of the audience.  The following list are examples of topics we have offered in the past:

  • General Nutrition and Wellness

  • Feeding a Healthy Family 

  • Sports Nutrition 

  • Health Behavior Change Techniques 

  • Healthy Fat Loss Methods

Contact us to schedule a presentation. Price will vary on location and travel.