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Balanced Behaviors Around the Holidays

Well, here we are--Fall is in full swing and the holidays are just around the corner. Which is WILD! Days are getting shorter, the weather is getting cooler, leaves are changing color, and Christmas decor is flying off the shelves.

Working with clients on their health and wellness journeys through the years has provided me with many opportunities in many different behavior scenarios. In my experience, the Holidays usually heighten the stress around what healthy behaviors 'should' look like. Oftentimes, I have seen clients hold onto what they perceive as healthy behaviors around the holidays, with a death grip only to increase anxiety, decrease enjoyment, spark a restrict/binge cycle, and/or create feelings of failure.

Instead of trying to diet in order to 'stay on your best behavior' or saying "I will start over January 1st" could we find a more flexible & sustainable approach? Instead of having that all-or-nothing mentality--What can we execute this year in order for us to feel balanced so we can enjoy and be present during the holiday season and the celebrations instead of feeling anxious and defeated?

A few approaches we have worked on with clients in the past can be found in our slides!

I will confess I used to be the leader of weight loss challenges or programs like "maintain it, don't gain it" over the holidays. And I am not bashing or dismissing concerns of weight or the desire to lose weight-- I still support and help foster both of those. BUT, my approach has changed. Instead of being hyper-focused on holiday weight gain, we help set up individuals for success by helping build a solid foundation for a lifestyle where food (& exercise) are enjoyed again and not used as a reward or punishment system. Enjoying food as it was intended--for fuel, nourishment, and to honor our health, our preferences, our cultures & more.

We are excited to offer a new series that will begin on November 1st and will end right before Christmas. We will practice some of the approaches (listed in our slides) through live (also recorded) education sessions, offer curated meal plans & grocery lists, and MUCH more! Stay tuned for more details over the next week! Registration will open Friday and will be limited so set your reminders! :-)


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