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Endurance United: Building Strength, Community, and Performance

with Lana Burl of LB Endurance, Knoxville

At the core of any athlete’s success, there is one familiar fundamental pillar: community. Kellie Cope sits down with Lana Burl, a powerhouse in the realm of triathlon and endurance sports and founder of LB Endurance in Knoxville, TN. Kellie and Lana dive deep into the heartbeat of the community—its role in motivation, inspiration, and the journey itself, inviting you to explore strength and performance like never before.

What You'll Learn

Lana shares her inspiring journey from athlete to coach, revealing the origins of her passion for endurance sports and how it led her to establish LB Endurance. Tune in to discover the array of services offered, from meticulously crafted training plans to comprehensive testing, swim instruction, and personalized nutrition guidance.

From essential beginner tips to the significance of integrating strength training to prevent injuries, they provide a holistic view of what it takes to thrive in endurance sports. The conversation takes a nutritional turn, emphasizing the need for tailored approaches that sync with training regimens and performance aspirations. Hydration's pivotal role, particularly the often overlooked impact of sodium and electrolyte balance, emerges as a game-changer for peak performance.

The Power of and Endurance Community

LB Endurance isn't just a coaching hub—it's a thriving epicenter where athletes unite, bond, and flourish. Lana passionately shares how LB Endurance serves as a physical nexus, facilitating group rides, runs, and events that weave athletes into a tight-knit fabric. To learn more about LB, visit their website or follow them on social media.

Kellie and Lana decode challenges, navigating the labyrinth of questions that confront athletes and coaches alike. Learn the art of setting meaningful goals, the science behind effective strength training, and the nuances of periodized nutrition. Embrace the podcast's ethos: personal growth reigns supreme, and an individual, flexible approach is the ultimate key to success.

Whether you're an athlete, coach, or simply curious about the intricate dance of body, mind, and sport, this episode promises insights that resonate and empower.


Learn more about LB Endurance

To learn more about LB Endurance, find them on Instagram @lbendurance or at, or at their brick and mortar in Knoxville.

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