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It's Time For.... Snacks!

It didn't take me long to get back to my favorite subject...SNACKS!!!

Snacks are a CRITICAL part of our kiddos' days and usually commence the moment that bell rings, they get into your car, or step off that bus. So what can we feed them so they can ingest a few solid nutrients, make it through after-school care or practice, or just make it to dinner without a meltdown or hanger attack?!

Again, let me paint a realistic picture here at our abode...we snack on PLENTY of goldfish, cheez-its, and other not as nutrient-dense foods. So we are not looking down on you from our vegetable, fruit, and protein-only tower! :-) Those snacks can be great and 100% incorporated into a balanced diet. Our goal is to have them as the sideshow and not on the main stage at all times.

Most of us and our kids are BUSY and snacks need to be convenient and quick. just did a very thorough post on how to choose snack/protein bars for your kiddos. She highlights the top ingredients (and amounts) to look for-- protein, sugar content, and fiber, and the WHYs. Check out her post and follow her for some excellent tips and tricks on feeding a healthy family!

If you have time to prep, homemade smoothies can be a crowd pleaser! A general template could look something like this...

Other great on-the-go snacks could include...

Head out this weekend and stock those pantries, freezers, purses, backpacks, car consoles, and any other place you can stash a snack!


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