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Packing Lunch with a nutrient-dense PUNCH!

Perfect timing for this post as August is Kids Eat Right Month!

Packing lunch is not for the faint of heart....esp if you have multiple kiddos, dietary restrictions, etc. BUT, it is an excellent way to set your student up to have a great afternoon filled with stable energy. AND, packing does NOT have to be an elaborate chore!

Below are a few quick and easy lunches that are jammed with flavor-filled foods that can supply growing bodies and brains with the nutrients they need.

Also, a few things to note...

These are STAGED and Camera-ready. Remember--Instagram is a highlight reel. Usually, they are thrown into the LunchBots, not sliced, fluffed, or fanned! :-) That being said, sometimes presentations can help kiddos try new things and eat their fruit and veg. So, play around with it and see what happens! These LunchBot lunch containers are pricey but have lasted for YEARS and are well worth the cost if you are avid lunch packers!

My kids are big kids and may eat and need more or less than your kiddos. Please use this post for WHAT foods to offer and not how much to offer.

Also, these examples have tons of fruit and veg - maybe more than you have offered before. That's okay!! Start small! When you are introducing new foods...offer a very little amount--a bite to a few bites--so it's not overwhelming or intimidating! :-)

Lastly, remember a few posts back, when we talked about meeting yourself where you are at?! That rule applies HERE! Maybe you need to offer small amounts of new foods. Maybe packing lunch once a week is where you start. Maybe you introduce some of the new foods at dinner and see how they go over in that setting first. Maybe you have your older kiddos help pack lunches so you can just handle the littles. Start at a realistic spot and do what you can!

We are here to cheer you on and hold your hand if you need us! Let us know how we can help!


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